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Mark Kobayashi-Hillary

The analyst firm Horses for Sources is conducting their annual survey on the state of outsourcing in 2013. You can participate in the survey here and I would recommend adding your voice because this is one of the best annual summaries of what is going on in the sourcing industry.

One of the biggest changes I have observed over the past few years, and one that is accelerating at present, is a reduction of the offshoring concept – meaning that the world feels a lot smaller and that it is now normal to perform various tasks for a company in many locations.

If you go back a decade or more, an offshore IT delivery centre felt very much like it was in another location, a place where you might not expect senior executives from the client firm to be based. India is a good example – it was a low cost software production centre and executives only ever visited on business trips.

Eastern Europe is the same. There was a clear divide between where the clients were located and where the delivery centres were being developed. But this has all changed and Eastern Europe has changed much faster than locations like India.

It’s still a big journey for an American or European executive to get over to India and despite offshore delivery from India becoming common, there is still a clear divide once you arrive in the country and see a shining new software factory right next door to a slum.

It’s almost a decade now since countries like Poland and the Czech Republic entered the European Union and all these nations to the east now feel like an integral part of the continent – even more so now that the Eurozone is struggling. Ukraine grew over 5% last year and the Czech Republic almost 2% so these places to the east are really helping Europe as a whole.

We are already seeing a situation develop where Eastern Europe becomes a market for Western Europe to work with, rather than a place to locate lower-cost services. How long before it looks far more attractive to invest in the east?

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