Tholons Top 100 Features Many CEE Cities

IBA Group
Mark Kobayashi-Hillary

The latest Top 100 Outsourcing destinations research published by international advisory firm Tholons makes for good reading if you want to explore Eastern Europe. No fewer than sixteen different cities in the region are described in a report that covers the entire globe.

Kraków in Poland was described now as an ‘established’ location for offshore outsourcing, with the rest described as emerging, aspiring, or on the radar. Kraków and Dublin were the only European cities in the top ten on the Tholons list – with the other eight all being from Asia.

This is a great result for the CEE region in general. Tholons lists many cities across Asia and Latin America, but to find so many cities of interest to the outsourcing community all clustered together in Eastern Europe does demonstrate that a cluster of expertise is developing.

All the cities listed have the great advantage of being close to potential clients in Western Europe and being close to other great delivery centres in the CEE region. With some locations better at ITO and some better at BPO, it’s encouraging to see so many cities all in one single region.

With experts such as Tholons shining a new spotlight on Eastern Europe, it cannot be long before many other cities in the region start being recognised for their delivery capabilities too.

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