Tech Trends Changing 2023

July 24, 2023  |  Mark Hillary

The emergence of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools has drowned out any other important technology trends this year and we are already halfway through the year. I was thinking about how much attention has been focused on AI in 2023 and decided to look around to see what other tech analysts are still exploring – beyond AI. TechTarget features a good summary. Of course AI was the #1 trend for this year on their list, but they do mention some other important subjects, including:


Hackers are getting smarter. They are now often pretending to be a friend or family member that needs help in order to gain trust. Verizon found that 95% of hacking attempts are all about making quick cash and most of the breaches (74%) happen because of human error.

This is a very important subject at present because the world has changed since 2020. Hybrid, remote, and home working is now much more common so security threats have not only escalated since the pandemic, but the way that networks need to be protected has also changed enormously.


Once dismissed as a marketing tactic, Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance is now becoming a very important subject and technology tools are making it possible to implement and audit those measures.

ESG is now so important because new employees want to know the ESG strategy of their company. Customers want to know your ESG strategy. But what will really change behavior is investors – they are demanding an ESG plan before investing in companies. If you don’t have an ESG plan then it will be hard to secure funding and your customers and employees will start asking questions.


Cloud computing has grown in importance over the past few years and platform based services are now normal in many industries, but now the cloud landscape is maturing. Companies are exploring a mix of private and public clouds and even a mix of cloud vendors so they have resilience.

When AWS (Amazon Web Services) recently crashed it meant that major companies such as Nike, McDonalds, and Delta Airlines had no website and no ability to accept online orders. The cloud is now essential for many companies, but a more sophisticated and resilient cloud strategy is becoming normal.

CX Tech

Customer experience (CX) is becoming one of the most important priorities for many boards and many new customer initiatives are driven by technology. Data analytics, AI, and other tools are all helping companies get closer to their customers.

CX has long been a testing ground for new technology, but it is now proving to be a priority because customer loyalty and advocacy is being valued for the additional revenue it can create. Customer service processes were always seen as a cost to most companies, but now there is an opportunity to use smart technology to make customer interactions profitable and revenue-generating.

These are all important trends that go beyond the ChatGPT noise. Generative AI is an important trend we should keep watching in 2023, but some of these others are truly redefining companies and industries globally.

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