Mark Hillary

Mark Hillary is a British technology writer and analyst, based in São Paulo, Brazil. He studied Software Engineering and has an MBA from the University of Liverpool.

Mark hosts the CX Files podcast – a weekly show focused on the future of customer experience. He frequently contributes to the global media, focused on technology and CX, with articles published by the BBC, Financial Times, Reuters, and Huffington Post. He has regular CX-focused columns in Intelligent Sourcing and Engage Customer.

Mark has written several books focused on technology. His first was titled ‘Outsourcing to India: The Offshore Advantage’ published in 2004 by Springer in Germany. He co-wrote ‘Global Services: Moving To A Level Playing Field’ with Dr Richard Sykes in 2007 for the British Computer Society and he translated all of Shakespeare’s sonnets into tweets for his 2015 book ‘My Tweets Are Nothing Like The Sun: William Shakespeare On Twitter.’ His most recent book ‘GigCX: Customer Service In The Twenty First Century’ explores the merger of the gig economy with customer experience.

Mark has advised several national governments on technology policies and has advised the United Nations on the use of technology for development. He even co-authored a book titled ‘Leveraging Social Media for SMEs’ in 2013, published by the International Trade Center at the UN.

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