The Dubai Fintech Summit Is Arriving In May 2024

April 24, 2024  |  Mark Hillary

The team from IBA Group will be at the Dubai Fintech Summit on May 6-7 in Dubai. Fintech is one of the fastest developing industries in the world at present, so this month I decided to take a look at the conference agenda and to theme my blog articles here on the topics being explored at the Dubai Fintech Summit.

There are Fintech conferences all over the world now. I just searched Google for information on upcoming conferences and it gave me 60 million pages of information. What makes this one different?

The speakers and the agenda are at another level. This is the kind of debate that will set the news agenda around Fintech for the time when the event is happening and then the following months as companies digest the information and set their direction for the 2020s.

A quick look at the agenda clearly indicates what I mean. Arena T Friedman, the Chair and CEO of Nasdaq, will open the discussion by talking about the future of fintech and finance more generally. Alfonso Castillo, the president and CEO of Santander International, will talk about navigating risk in global finance. Nic Dreckmann, the CEO of Julius Baer, will talk about private banking and wealth management.

These speakers are the people setting the direction for the finance industry. They are the CEOs we all read about in the financial news. For this reason, the Dubai Fintech summit is going to be different to most business conferences. 

Attracting the most important thought leaders in banking and fintech means that some very important sponsors will be there. At most conferences, sponsors are just there to fund the venue and drinks. At this event there will be companies like Visa,, Ripple, Deloitte — and of course IBA Group.

These important speakers and sponsors have also attracted some important trade associations from all over the world. Business France, Fintech Scotland, the Philippines Fintech Association, and Fintech Mexico are all good examples. Industry representatives from across the globe will be at this event.

This high level of industry representation also draws on the international media. Bloomberg, CNBC, City AM, and many specialist fintech titles will all be covering the event.

It’s clear that the entire global ecosystem of fintech experts and decision makers will be in Dubai in May for this event. The banking and technology leaders are attracting a critical mass of media and trade associations that means not only will Dubai be the best place to meet anyone in this industry, but this conference is likely to generate news and product announcements.

 IBA Group team will be on the ground in Dubai meeting other delegates. If you are planning to be there, then please do say hello.

For registration and more information on the Dubai Fintech Summit agenda click here.

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