Stuart McMillan

Stuart McMillan is a Business Process and Technology advisor based in the UK. He dedicates himself to demystifying emerging technologies and educating people on the commercially valuable technology implementations in business.

Stuart has spent significant time leading projects internationally across both public and private sectors to optimize business processes. He is a practitioner of various methodologies from Lean, Six Sigma to end-to-end Business Process Management, applying his skills to unlock significant value in organizational processes.

He now focuses his energies on leveraging technology to unlock value orders of magnitude larger than simple process optimization and reengineering alone.
Stuart is co-founder of two organizations dedicated to guiding clients in designing their digital future and navigating the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Previous clients include fast-growing global technology firms, Multilateral Development Banks, Local Governments, and FTSE 100 incumbents.

Originally an electro-mechanical Engineer, Stuart holds a First-Class Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Business Administration with Distinction.

He represents IBA as a Managing Partner in the UK and blogs about technology weekly on LinkedIn.

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