The IT Trends You Need To Explore In 2022

January 24, 2022  |  Mark Hillary

In my last few posts here I explored how decision intelligence will be an important IT trend in 2022 and I also summarized the main Gartner predictions for next year. In this post, I want to look beyond the analysts to see any other trends that will be making headlines in 2022.

I talk to other analysts all the time, I manage the content on my podcast, and I am constantly reading other technology journals to see what is becoming important. Here are a few of my own tips on where you should be focusing attention in 2022.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Included in the IEEE 2022 research, the IoT has been a staple of predictions for some years now, but I believe that there are some important reasons why we will now see development in this area accelerating. First, we are now seeing real 5G networks being rolled out. This is important because one big advantage of 5G over 4G is the number of sensors that can be in a single location. We all know the problem of accessing phone data when at a rock concert or sports stadium – that’s what will change with 5G. Secondly, there is a strong push to improve environmental monitoring after the Covid pandemic – it’s not only easier to create smart cities, there is more desire to do so.

Digital Transformation

It’s a bit of a catch-all term, but an important one. Many companies were forced to change by the Covid pandemic – it was a question of survival. Many could pivot temporarily, but many leaders also took the opportunity to start exploring how their industry will look post-pandemic. This will lead to demand across all industrial sectors, especially those that were heavily impacted by the pandemic – retail and travel are good examples.

Everything as a Service

The Forbes 2022 predictions include this and I think it is an important development of what we have seen with the growth of cloud computing. Cloud is no longer just about just storage or flexibility, it allows entrepreneurs to design and launch services that can be paid for only as they are used. This has been a familiar model for software for some years now, but take a look at ideas like CX as a Service – ecosystems of partners are joining together to offer an entire suite of services that used to require huge up-front costs and investment.

Hybrid work Transforms Organizations

It’s true that the initial focus of hybrid work has been around security and the complexity of managing a massively distributed user base, but there is a lot more to this. We are witnessing a change in how companies operate and technology is facilitating this change. It will require a change in attitudes to working hours and flexibility. Professional jobs may become gigs, rather than salaried 40-hour-per-week employment. Managers need to evolve and learn how to work with distributed teams rather than favoring those they are physically close to. This is one of the biggest changes that will arise from the Covid pandemic and we are only just getting started…

Some of the others I think should be prioritized have been mentioned in the earlier articles, including cloud computing, security, and distributed enterprise. What is exciting about 2022 is that we are seeing a wave of technology transformation ensuring that we are never returning to 2019. The only way is forward – to improve and transformed organizations.

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